Enter the Tempest Universe, an anthology horror series full of paranormal events and horrific monsters...

The Tempest Universe, an anthology horror series, began in 2018 with a set of short films. Since then, it has explored the realms of alternate reality games and web series in order to create a vast and compelling story.

Analog Archives began in 2019 with its first volume of creepy VHS tapes. The web series, although mostly standalone, takes place in the Tempest Universe as a side series. The story follows three distinct counties, each with their own anomalies and mysteries.

Lunacast Records is the hub for all Aidan Chick music projects, of which there are two. NIGHTOWL is a psychedelic electronic project while LUNACAST is an ambient Vaporwave project.

Eventide Media Center began in 2020 as a spiritual successor in the same vein as Analog Archives. This time, however, the series would not be attached to the Tempest Universe, and rather, its own brand of horror.